Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall direction of the school, guiding and drawing up rules for governance. It adopts the budget and appoints an Honorary President and a Chair, who serve as Trustees, and further names the Director and the Academic Committee.

The Board is made up of representatives of the founding academic institutions (UPF, UAB, CREI, and CSIC), private institutions (AXA Research Fund, Banc Sabadell, and the FemCAT Foundation), public institutions (the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Catalan Government, and the Barcelona City Council), and several distinguished academics in the field of Economics.

  • portrait

    Joaquín Almunia

    Honorary President of the Board

  • Paulina Beato

    Paulina Beato

    Chair of the BSE


  • portrait

    Laia de Nadal

    Rector, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

  • portrait

    Javier Lafuente

    Rector, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

  • María Eloísa del Pino Matute

    Eloísa del Pino

    President, Spanish Research Council (CSIC)

  • Joaquim Nadal i Farreras, Barcelona School of Economics Board of Trustees

    Joaquim Nadal

    President, Center for Research in International Economics (CREI)

  • photo

    Josep Alfonso Caro

    Director of Communications, AXA Seguros España

  • photo

    Josep Oliu

    President, Banc Sabadell

  • board member

    Oriol Pinya

    Founding Member, FemCAT Foundation

  • portrait of Josep M. Aguirre

    Josep M. Aguirre

    General Secretary, Minister of Economy and Finance, Government of Catalonia

  • portrait

    Laia Bonet

    Third Deputy Mayor, Barcelona City Council

  • Salvador Barberà

    Professor Emeritus, UAB and BSE

  • portrait

    M. Paz Espinosa

    Professor, EHU/UPV

  • Andreu Mas-Colell

    Andreu Mas-Colell

    Professor Emeritus, UPF and BSE

  • board

    Juan Rubio-Ramirez

    Professor, Emory University

  • Roberto Serrano, Barcelona School of Economics Board of Trustees

    Roberto Serrano

    Professor, Brown University