BSE PhD Jamboree 2024 invites external pre-docs into the workshop experience

Group photo of Jamboree participants

This year's Jamboree participants included more than 70 PhD students, alumni, and visitors in the Barcelona School of Economics community as well as researchers from other Economics departments in Barcelona.

The 11th edition of the Barcelona School of Economics PhD Jamboree took place May 9-10, 2024 at UAB Casa Convalescència.

The BSE PhD Jamboree is a two-day workshop organized by and for doctoral students in the BSE research community so they can gain experience presenting their work in front of their peers and exchange ideas to improve each other's research.

One of the biggest Jamborees yet: 31 presentations

This edition of the PhD Jamboree was the first to welcome paper submissions by pre-doc researchers in Economics programs outside the BSE community, including the University of Barcelona and the Applied Economics Department at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). Visiting PhD students from Collegi Carlo Alberto, European University Institute, and Sciences Po also presented. The program included a total of 31 presentations.

"Lots of student connections were made during the Jamboree," the organizers said. "Lots of friendships were made, and presenters got good comments and suggestions with broader perspectives for their work in progress."

Tancredi Rapone (UAB and BSE), Maddalena Grignani (UPF and BSE), Simone Cigna (UPF and BSE), and Proud Chamornchan (UAB and BSE)

Jamboree Organizers 2024 (from left): PhD students Tancredi Rapone (UAB and BSE), Maddalena Grignani (UPF and BSE), Simone Cigna (UPF and BSE), and Proudfong Chamornchan (UAB and BSE).

Photos taken by Georgii Zherebilov (UPF and BSE).

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Alumni keynotes

Three alumni delivered keynote lectures during the Jamboree:

  • Jacek Barszczewski (PhD, UAB and BSE). Health Policy Researcher at OECD in Paris, France
    “Is Poverty a Fate for Seniors? Analysing Solutions for Formal and Informal Long-Term Care in OECD countries”
  • Ana Rodríguez González (PhD, UPF and BSE). Assistant Professor of Econometrics, Statistics and Applied Economics at Universitat de Barcelona
    “The Oral Contraceptive Pill and Adolescents’ Mental Health”
  • Thomas Stoerk (PhD, UPF and BSE). Climate Researcher at the National Bank of Belgium in Brussels.
    “Climate economics: from fringe to mainstream”

In addition to fielding the students' thoughtful questions about their papers, the alumni shared experiences and advice from their own research career paths.

For example, Ana Rodríguez González spoke about getting "ghosted" by a potential data source and then collaborating with another researcher who had access to even better data. Instead of racing against each other to produce a paper, they became co-authors.

There could be a lesson there for researchers in Economics or any other academic field, for that matter!

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The Jamboree is one of the BSE research initiatives supported by the Severo Ochoa Research Excellence Program (CEX2019-000915-S) through Spain's State Research Agency (Agencia Estatal de Investigación - AEI).